Weather Makes Me Sad

Remember waking up as a kid on Christmas, so excited? You would eagerly pass out the presents in your footie pajamas and finally open yours to see what inside. Bam! Underwear and not the of so chic, Superhero Underroos. That’s how I felt last week. Merry Christmas.


I was going to put a picture of a geeky kid in Underoos, but I didn’t want anyone to accuse me of being a pedophile.

When I had my feet firmly planted on the ground, I didn’t think much of weather. Growing up in CA, I never checked the weather report. Why? The weather is going to be bearable. I might be cold if I forgot my jacket but I wasn’t going to die. Weather just happened. Years later in North Dakota, I would check the weather for snow if I was driving long distances or in the missile field. But now weather actually matters.

Part of the problem is deciding to learn to fly in a place where the weather changes rapidly, violently, and often.  I equate the rapid change of C-Springs weather to the accumulation of the national debt. If I would have been smart instead of pretty, I would have learned to fly when I lived in Vegas. The weather there was great. Every day is the same except when it gets hot enough to make people bacon at the pool.

Last week, I took a few days off work and was planning on flying. Work is getting in the way of learning to fly but if I don’t work I don’t have the pretty, pretty money to fly. It is a vicious cycle. I had reserved the plane and the instructor. I thought I was finally going to get to progress in my lessons. I couldn’t progress in the lesson plan because my landings stunk. Really bad. I had finally gotten them under control after 30 simulator landings and a flight devoted to nothing but pattern work. So I was ready to move on. How many times did I get to fly?

You gentle reader are smart. Your inferred judgment based on the title of this post lead you to believe that I did not fly at all. None. You’re right. I canceled 4 flights in 5 days for weather. Talk about getting your hopes up. At what point do you walk away? I physically walked out of the hanger 3 times; the rest were after conferring with my instructor on the phone before driving out. Major disappointment. Or as Goomba would say, hurt feelings.

The weather is beautiful today. Those stupid hot air balloons were out this morning. Its a great day for flying. Too bad I didn’t schedule any flights. I do have a flight tomorrow so I am crossing my fingers and checking the weather radar that the weather holds. Merry Christmas.


Update: I canceled again today. This time the cancel wasn’t for weather rather the pending 100 hour inspection that the last person (I’m fighting the urge to say something rude but my mom reads this blog.) to fly didn’t let me know about. 3 weeks without flying. Merry Christmas.



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