What’s the Big Deal?

Why do people lose their minds about the Solo? Perhaps some of my pilot friends can chime in with an opinion.

I just don’t see the big deal. I mean I understand the point of the Solo, it’s just like jumping off the 250 foot tower at Airborne School, i.e., it’s a confidence thing. The objective is to increase your confidence in your own abilities and to tell you that this thing that you’re doing (probably) wont kill you if you do it right. I also think the solo (as well as the 250 foot tower) are designed to be attacked and overcome by 18-24 year old idiots. While I am an idiot, I’m also a bit further along in my cognitive development to not require such events.


Perhaps I’m just jaded by 13 years of non-pilot flight experience to not really take the solo as seriously as my instructors would like. So today, when my instructor said to me (in front of the Chief Pilot), “you’re ready for your solo.” And I replied, “okay.” (and that’s it) they both looked at me like I had just decided that their suggestion on lunch was acceptable. Did they expect me to jump up and cheer? Was I supposed to give them hugs?

Am I supposed to be excited? Is this a big deal? Help me out here…


3 responses to “What’s the Big Deal?

  1. I mean, I understand that some people get excited about this stuff, but seriously, the Pittsburgh Pirates are in the Wild Card elimination game in something like 2 hours from now, so I just can’t get that excited about another airplane ride.

  2. The mental image of ‘hugs all around ‘ makes me smile…almost as much as the buccos made you last night I’m sure.

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