I’m a Floater

Okay, so it took about 2.5 hours in the damn thing, but I think I’ve finally gotten used to the airplanes at Chesapeake.  Even though the engines have less power (180 HP vs. 210 HP) I did not fully appreciate the effect of pressure altitude.  6,000 feet makes a world of difference.  So even though the engine is smaller, I’m using lower RPM settings to do the same thing.  That took awhile for my idiot brain to adjust.

Here’s the other problem that is exacerbated by the lower altitudes, I’m a floater. Oh yes, ground effect has certainly got me by the balls.  I tend to float at least 500 feet after the flare.  24 landings later and I’m still a floater.



The basics of being a floater

At first I thought I was just carrying too much airspeed (and I was). So I fly slower… still floating.  Then perhaps I was holding my power in too long.  So I pull power earlier and cross the threshold normally at idle… still floating.  Maybe it was the rate of change in my angle of attack during the flare?  So I slowed down the flare…still floating.  WTF?  Maybe I just have anti-gravity farts.  I must have, since yesterday I floated down the runway for 600 feet with the throttle at idle and the airspeed dead (less than 40 knots).  That’s me, chillin’ in the ground effect. Two feet off the runway.  Maybe I just need bigger wheels… or maybe I need about 50 extra pounds.

The mathematical explanation of why I suck

The mathematical explanation of why I suck

Either way, I got about 3 hours left in the training before the flight evaluation.


One response to “I’m a Floater

  1. We have the opposite problems. You float and I sink (because I don’t flare). This should make for some interesting flying.

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