No Flying and some links

I have complained about the weather in CO many times on this blog but today takes the cake. Chris and I were going to do some pattern work this morning. Nothing crazy, just an hour doing touch and goes. The METAR and TAF looked good. We go to preflight the aircraft, get in and start it up. ATIS says the weather is good. I change the radio to Ground and was informed the ceiling is now 400 feet. As a VFR only pilot, the weather was out of my league. The Hobbs has 0.1 hours on the meter so I got to pay $10 to start the engine. I guess that’s how flying goes.

Break. Break.

After 72 years, the Doolittle Raiders may get awarded a Congressional Gold Medal for their efforts. Only 4 of the 80 Doolittle Raiders are still alive to accept the honor so Congress please award this now instead of later.

In the same WWII vein,  Civil Air Patrol volunteers may get one also. The volunteers include: Gail Halvorsen, the candy bomber during the Berlin Airlift, and Willa Brown, the first African-American women to earn a private pilot license.

Let’s see what happens.

And because the post can’t be completely picture-less, here is one of me with Lt Col Richard “Dick” Cole, the co-pilot for Jimmy Doolittle during the Doolittle Raid.

Me and my pal, Dick Cole


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