About Him

Major Christopher Buckley is an active duty USAF officer with 13 years of flight experience. He has more than 3,000 hours in 30 different aircraft types and is a graduate of the elite USAF Test Pilot School. The problem is, he’s a navigator and not a pilot.

Born and raised as a B-52 Navigator and Bombardier, Chris had no desire to pilot anything and was perfectly happy being a backseat driver. Nicole made him do this. Every time he screws something up in the cockpit (which is a lot) he repeats the phrase, “This wasn’t my idea. It’s all her fault.”

While Chris brings a wealth of aviation experience to the “front seat” he certainly does not posses the “monkey skillz” to actually make the airplane do what it’s supposed to do. Teaching this old dog some new tricks will be quite the challenge.


“I drop bombs for a living, what the hell am I doing here?”
-Chris Buckley



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