About Her

Major Nicole Petrucci is an active duty USAF officer with 12 years doing almost nothing to do with airplanes. She is a graduate of the elite USAF Weapons School, the problem is it was for Space Operations. When it comes to flying airplanes, she doesn’t know much.

The good part is, she learns a lot faster than a normal human and she’s probably smarter than anyone you’ve met. Her service spent operating intercontinental ballistic missiles that can kill anyone on the globe in 30 minutes and phased array radars that can track basketballs orbiting Saturn have given her a level of detail oriented processing that makes her one of the few bright stars left in the military.

As someone who has succeeded and excelled in everything that she’s ever attempted, she doesn’t exactly take failure that well. And learning to fly is all about failure.  Can she keep it together when trying to land an airplane? Vegas odds are 3-1 that she can.



One response to “About Her

  1. Awesome Nicole! I always wanted to be a pilot but the USAF had different plans… Now I have a cousin who flies the F/A-18 and am so jealous. Good luck.

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