Why are We Doing This?

Nicole and Chris have been married for 9 years. They have no children, only an insane cat and a series of adventures. They had a snowball fight in Venice, a bar fight in Barcelona, survived mortar attacks in Kandahar and actually spent one Christmas in Pennsylvania. Now they live in Downtown Colorado Springs, and frankly, they’re kinda bored. So it was time for a new adventure.


Chris’ idea was for them to become mountain climbers. Surrounded by 14,000 foot peaks with breathtaking views, Colorado Springs was the perfect place to start climbing mountains. Nicole wanted to learn how to fly.  Guess who won?

This blog is so you can follow Chris and Nicole on their flight training adventure. Both of them are absolutely terrible students. Chris thinks he knows it all and doesn’t need a damn instructor to tell him anything. He never prepares for any flight and is literally “winging it.” Nicole is too damn smart for her own good, is speed reading every book on flying she can find and is so easily flustered she shakes the pillars of heaven every flight.

If you’re interested in learning how to fly, follow them on this path so you can learn what NOT to do.


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